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Our Story

Founding Directors Christian and Rinat Strahlhofer are passionate young entrepreneurs who left their corporate positions in Business Development and Marketing to focus on servicing both human health and the environment.

Mijeco™ was established in St. Gallen, Switzerland in 2009 after bringing together a diverse group of engineering and service professionals to launch a new green technology that could ionize today’s technology making it compatible with the body.

Today Mijeco ionized products promote a healthy lifestyle for businesses and consumers alike.

A healthy frequency

Have you noticed that when you take a holiday, particularly into nature, you feel better: more energetic, confident, and relaxed. This is because natural environments resonate negative ions.

Negative ions are healthy frequencies found in nature that give small electric signals that maintain health and make our natural systems thrive. They are found in high concentrations near a waterfall, beach or forest, but are almost non-existent in our cities.

Mijeco products have been infused with this natural, healthy intel, which works to harmonize the frequencies around your mobile devices as well as home/office environments.

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Rinat and Christian Strahllhofer
- Founders of Mijeco™

Rinat and Christian Strahlhofer
- Founders of Mijeco

Mijeco eco products

Mijeco eco products