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Seamlessly integrating into your everyday life, you won't notice our products taking up space or getting in the way – but you will notice that you feel better.

Mijeco products are loved around the world. Developed with engineers and charged with negative ions the benefits include a relaxed mental state, reduced stress, and increased alertness. We believe that by reducing the invisible pollutants in our surrounding environment: at home, in the office, and when we carry our mobile phone– that we can create a greener future for the world. One day we hope that every home, café, and office will utilize Mijeco's ionized products and have Green Hot Spots for WIFI use.

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We're bringing nature indoors.

ECO-MOBILE™ Negative Ion Patch

Eco-Mobile™ Patch

ECO-LIVING™ Compact Negative Ion Generator

Eco-Living™ Stone

Eco-Living™ Plug-in

Eco-Living™ Plug-in

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Eco-Mobile™ Patch

Each of us owns a mobile device and we use it every day. For some of us it sits in our pockets, or on our desk whilst at work, and when we go to sleep at night it's next to our bed. In addition when we connect to WIFI using our laptop at a café we are exposed to WIFI frequencies. This can result in low concentration, sleep disorders, and stress.

Our Eco-Mobile™ patch has been ionized to harmonize harmful frequencies. The best part is that there is no expiry date – our patch ensures you have a permanent healthy energy around your mobile device.

Eco-Mobile™ can be used on the following devices:

- Mobile phone
- Smart phone
- Laptop
- MP3 player
- Tablet device/iPad
- eBook reader

Eco-Living™ Stone

We are constantly exposed to wireless frequencies in our home and office when we use our laptop, computer, phone charger, radio, microwave, and any other electrical appliance. Many of us sit in front of our computers for up to 8 hours a day. Do you ever feel lethargic and don't know why? It could be because of the frequencies your mobile devices emit.

Mijeco's Eco-Living™ is a permanent source of negative ion energy, simply place it in your home or office and it will harmonize electromagnetic frequencies in your surroundings.

Eco-Living™ Plug-in

Mijeco's Eco-Living™ Plug-in offers the same permanent source of energy as our Eco- Living™ Stone with a larger radius. This product is suitable for large offices, cafes or homes. Simply plug into any electrical power-point outlet.

Find out what our customers are saying about Mijeco.

“I have had an eco-mobile patch on my phone for more than a year now…I now suffer fewer headaches and sleep more soundly throughout the night.”
- Olga Paritski, Australia.

“Little effort, big effect. Since putting the patch on my mobile I no longer have a hot ear after long conversations…”
- Bianca Strasser, Switzerland.

“Now that we have eco-living at home, we feel we have much more energy. We wake up in the morning really refreshed. Thank you Mijeco.”
- Sonja Verlingieri, Italy.