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The technology behind Mijeco products.

Mijeco utilizes the Bio-Activation technology of Swiss Energize, which ionizes our products with negative ions so they carry a permanent healthy energy.

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How do Mijeco products work?

We all learn in school that in the world of physics everything is made up of atoms. This includes objects such as chairs, mobile phones, laptops, iPods, and cars - the list is endless! The atoms in these objects are in a constant state of motion emitting frequencies; Mijeco products resonate a healthy eco-pulse that work to harmonize the energy around your devices.

Over 500 studies show negative ions trigger a healthy response in the body by stimulating cells which help increase blood cell circulation, reduce stress levels, and much more.

Why should you use Mijeco products?

It’s simple really - If you’re using any form of technology from a phone to a microwave, then you are being exposed to the wireless frequencies they emit.

As a result you might be experiencing symptoms like low energy, fatigue, poor concentration or hot ear syndrome when you are on your phone; you’re probably used to feeling this way and assume that it’s normal.

We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to feel tired, stressed or anxious – that our products provide a solution. From higher energy levels and increased concentration and productivity, to strengthened organ function, and stabilized blood pressure – the benefits of negative ions to overall wellbeing are astounding.


EEG results A comparative measurement was undertaken using an Ionometer to investigate the influence on air ionization before and after having Mijeco Eco-Living™ Stone in the room. The results showed Mijeco Eco-Living significantly influences air ionization. A substantial increase of negative ions was observed after 24 hours. Up to 1,400 negative ions per cubic centimetre were counted as result of having an Eco-Living in the room.

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Electrodermal Screening

Electrodermal Screening Using a Bio-feedback method that detects energy disturbances throughout the body, we determined the effects of our Mijeco Eco-Mobile technology. 50 is optimal and between 40-60 represents healthy organ function.

Results show that the subject no longer experiences stress on organ function as soon as they are using an ionized Mijeco Eco-Mobile patch on their mobile device.

Concentration study

Concentration study Ionizing a room with the Mijeco Eco-Living device improved subject’s alertness by 38% after 5 minutes and concentration levels improved for 100% of participants.

Study results were proven statistically significant by the University of St Gallen in Switzerland using the Wilcoxon Test to demonstrate that the natural frequencies from the Mijeco Eco-Living device had a treatment effect.

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Feel better today.

“Initial testing at our sleep laboratory in Germany has found that patients with severe sleep insomnia have experienced a significant improvement in sleep quality with the Mijeco eco-living stone in the room.”
- Dr. med. Wolfgang Paa
Germany Clinic for Sleep Disorders,
Bad Reichenhall

"EEG Neurofeedback preliminary tests show reduced stress levels on brain wave activity when talking on the mobile phone with an eco-mobile patch."
- Dr. med. Jessica A. Tanner
Practice for Neurofeedback
St. Gallen, Switzerland

“All our dental clinics are fitted with Mijeco eco-living plug in devices. We have noticed that our patients are more relaxed and calmer which makes dental work much easier."
- Prof. Dr. med. dent. Tilman Fritsch
Founder NAM Dentistry,Germany

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