The Benefits

Ionizing your products with our pioneering technology gives your business and your customer access to the following benefits.

EEG results Microscopic Photography Kirlian Photography
Concentration study Electrodermal screening Gas Discharge Visualization

EEG results

EEG results Swiss Energized™ body wear increases Alpha wave activity in the brain.

As a result it has been medically interpreted that ionized body wear promotes a relaxed mental state and increased alertness.

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Microscopic photography

Microscopic photography Water crystals indicate pure, healthy water.

The Swiss laboratory E. Braun showed that untreated distilled water will not form water crystals.

When water was ionized with Swiss Energize™ technology, the photographs displayed water crystal structures, that are otherwise only found in mountain spring water, full of healthy energy and vitality.

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Kirlian Photography

Kirlian Photography After 24h with Swiss Energize™ ionized body wear, the subject’s overall energy field increased 99.28 %.

The results show that the immune system has been activated and the body is best positioned to fight disease with an energy field that is healthy, has good symmetry, brightness, and uniformity.

Concentration study

Concentration study Ionizing a room with Swiss Energize™ technology improved subject’s alertness by 38% after 5 minutes and concentration levels improved for 100% of participants.

Study results were proven statistically significant by the University of St Gallen in Switzerland using the Wilcoxon Test to demonstrate that the Swiss Energize natural frequencies had a treatment effect.

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Electrodermal Screening

Electrodermal Screening Using a Bio-feedback method that detects energy disturbances throughout the body, we determined the effects of our Swiss Energize technology. 50 is optimal and between 40-60 represents healthy organ function.

Results show that the subject no longer experiences stress on organ function as soon as they are using an ionized mobile device with the Swiss Energize™ eco-pulse technology.

Gas discharge visualization

Gas discharge visualization testing Swiss Energized body wear balanced and strengthened the organ function and immune system after 24 hours.
Gas discharge visualization Allowing real-time viewing of energy fields, the "Kirlian Effect" is the glow around the edge of an object in a high intensity electrical field.

The Swiss Energize™ eco-pulse strengthens the energy field of the water thus delivering more vital nutrients into the body’s cells at a deeper level of hydration.
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